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Travel Takeaways!

You know what it is like, you get home from your holiday and your family and friends ask you what the best bits were.  These are what we at Travel Coordinates call Travel Takeaways!    So we are introducing a new way we review all things travel related, whether it be the where, the how to get there or the what to do.

Each month we will post our Travel Takeaways! - A review of something travel related where we will highlight the 4 greatest things about the places we have been, the things we have done or the way we got there and we will highlight the 1 thing that didn’t go as planned, you should avoid or be aware of, or just the thing that made us want to blow off some steam.  

And we would love your contributions as well, if you think we missed something or just want to say that you agree, then leave a comment and provide other Travel Coordinates clients get the most out of their next holiday and if you need any help getting your Travel plans Coordinated or advice on where to go, what to do or how to get there, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Hayley van Dinter

Why you should Motorhome New Zealand

Why you should Motorhome New Zealand

At Travel Coordinates we love high end holidays.  The glamour of staying it a beautiful hotel or cruising the high seas is fantastic but recently we decided to try something completely different.  We hired a MotorHome and spent two weeks as a family, driving around New Zealand, staying at some of their best Holiday Parks, eating in local towns and reconnecting with nature.  We had a great time and for those of you that have seen Toy Story 4, you would understand why our 5 year old son claims it was “the best holiday ever”.

We decided a 6 berth fully self contained vehicle would best suit the four of us, little more room on the inside, provides the slight disadvantage of also being bigger on the outside, which make sit harder to find a park in the towns you visit, but all manageable.  Fully self contained means toilet and shower on board, but to be honest, we ended up using that space as storage of our luggage and used the toilets and showers at the camping grounds we stayed at along the way.  

Driving the MotorHome is relatively easy, they are Mercedes vehicles and so well engineered, easy to drive and have all the power and manoeuvrability you need to get around even single lane, windy coastal and mountain roads.  The camp sites all allow generous space to park and set up for the night and you have the choice of cooking in your van or in the kitchens or bbq’s that every park we visited, had.  And if being away from the rest of the world is too much for you, then both the MotorHome and the Parks offer wifi.

Our kids thought it was a great adventure as they strapped into their seats in the dining area and looked out the windows as the world went by.  But the thing they loved the most was spending so much time with mum and dad without all of the distractions that impact us all.  Each couple of days, we would land in a new town, check out the play ground and trampoline at the caravan park and then settle down for a dinner cooked in the MotorHome or even better, trying the best food that the town had to offer.

We had a great time and whether you are a seasoned camper who prefers a tent, or you are a novice in the glamping game, we suggest that this is a great way to see some of the most spectacular parts of the world, enjoy time with your most special family and reconnect with a world that is just a little calmer than the one we are living every day.

Travel Tips:

  • Motorhome rental is only from Auckland, Christchurch & Queenstown
  • Pre-book your InterIslander Ferry in advance if you are planning on exploring both the North and South in one trip
  • Allow longer when planning - single lane bridges, lots of caravans and other motorhomes, plus limited overtaking lane options, added with windy roads and incredible scenery spots to stop on the way.  We recommend you don't try and travel too far each day
  • Pre-book your Holiday spots if you are travelling over the holidays (peak periods)
  • Speak to us to assist with your booking

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