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Travel Takeaways!

You know what it is like, you get home from your holiday and your family and friends ask you what the best bits were.  These are what we at Travel Coordinates call Travel Takeaways!    So we are introducing a new way we review all things travel related, whether it be the where, the how to get there or the what to do.

Each month we will post our Travel Takeaways! - A review of something travel related where we will highlight the 4 greatest things about the places we have been, the things we have done or the way we got there and we will highlight the 1 thing that didn’t go as planned, you should avoid or be aware of, or just the thing that made us want to blow off some steam.  

And we would love your contributions as well, if you think we missed something or just want to say that you agree, then leave a comment and provide other Travel Coordinates clients get the most out of their next holiday and if you need any help getting your Travel plans Coordinated or advice on where to go, what to do or how to get there, then don’t hesitate to reach out.

- Hayley van Dinter

Fjords and Sounds in New Zealand

Fjords and Sounds in New Zealand The South West Corner of New Zealand’s South Island is famous for the Fjords and Sounds and amazing National Parks. Many of you...

Why you should Motorhome New Zealand

Why you should Motorhome New Zealand At Travel Coordinates we love high end holidays. The glamour of staying it a beautiful hotel or cruising the high seas is...

Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast

Travel Takeaway - Travel within Australia: Coolum Beach For many of us, Queensland remains a holiday destination of choice, whether it be to enjoy the golden beaches or...

Airline Status

Travel Takeaway.... Airline Status When it comes to booking International Flights for holiday travel, the issue that most of our clients worry about are convenience and...

Travelling with Young Kids

Travel Takeaways!…. Travelling whilst your kids are young Some of our earliest memories are asking our parents “Are we there yet” as we spent what seemed like forever...

Cruising with the Family

Travel Takeaways.... Cruising with the Family Getting aboard a cruise ship as part of a holiday can be a great way to see some parts of the world that otherwise might...

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